Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Dress & Necklace: Zara (Checked Dress)

Every year when I turn a year older, it is not easy to come to terms with all the mix up mystification going on in my head so henceforth I've decided to look at the brighter side namely at the perks of getting old ;)

Well to start with as they say, wise and old go hand in hand, I think I can certainly use some more of that.
Appreciate what I have more than ever, although getting splurged in a new dress once in a while won’t harm anyone.
Can say no or sorry without giving up my ground like “I am sorry I have to bring you down because you cannot take advantage of my niceness.”
Come to understanding that parents are right after all and start making up to mom and dad for all the times I screwed up and made them mad.
Know my drinking limits but I can push them from time to time.
Most importantly, money matters but values and relationships seem to be making to the top.

Now that I have certainly made peace with yet another birthday, I must confess that this year’s was the best birthday ever. Thanks to my man - he makes me feel special not only a day, a week, but for the lifetime. I have heard that with age comes experience, which accounts for better choices in life. As far as I am concerned, I’ll leave it up to you to decide if my choice of dress for the day was good enough to justify the experience :))

Have a nice week!


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