Sunday, May 5, 2013

A weekend to remember

All those who know me by now, would have observed how much I love combining sporty with girly. Here's yet another version of it ;) The red baseball t-shirt from Gina Tricot always likes it with frilly dark skirts. The peplum skirt from Zara was my favorite pick from their autumn collection. I have worn it so many times and still I have many summery looks in mind with this masterpiece, which I will share with you once we officially are out of the cold grip.

This outfit was snapped on the last days of the most awaited Easter holidays. Easter this year was full of sun and fun, get togethers and dinners, cocktails and shots. On the last day I went out with family and friends to "Vapiano" the always happening Italian food corner. I love their cook in front of you concept and the pasta combos on their days special "Dagens Special' menu are winners. They're always refreshing and packed with seasonal veggies. I learnt from a friend - to order the best dish in Vapiano, admire the cook and ask for his recommendation so now I follow that tip to the core and luckily no disappointments yet :))


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