Tuesday, March 26, 2013

OOTD Sunday 24-03-2013

Another weekend bites the dust! Okay, this weekend was a mixed bag. I didn't get everything done I wanted to but I did accomplish a few things. Had a brilliant full attendance girls night out on Friday (pics still waiting to come out of my camera). Found an excellent landscape photography location on Saturday but the camera battery died just at the time. Went back to the spot on Sunday, took some good shots but apparently the photos which made me proud on the small camera screen weren't as mind-blowing on the laptop. UGH! So am planning to use Easter holidays for full day photo walks. God please no sub-zeros and overcast days during Easter #fingerscrossed!

But hey, I had a great time with my nomadic coffee lover twin who likes to wander around in freezing Stockholm and keeps up with my unlimited photo stops and change of lenses. She's such a sweetheart to never to say no :-) Here is an outfit pic from my talented friend behind the lens. We took this pic in Espresso House Gamla Stan as we desperately needed to grab a coffee mug to inject life into our cold numb fingers and this was the only cafe open after 19:00. How I wish Stockholm had some cafe night life too!

Hope you like my 'run of the mill' OOTD and wish you all a wonderful week ahead!


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  1. hey there :) how was ur vacay?? I am so excited to know what else u have in store (u mentioned a few posts ago)
    cant wait...n love this outfit...I really dont know how ur surviving this cold after ur Inida trip..its hot as hell here :)


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