Friday, December 21, 2012


Christmas season is here in full swing so I spent last Sunday strolling around in the city, absorbing Christmassy atmosphere, sniffing the scrumptious donuts smell in the air, looking at the shops decorated in red, gold, colors sparkling like diamonds. The lit up fancy reindeer structures and Christmas trees are standing tall in every nook and corner of Stockholm.

This is the time when I love to munch brända mandlar (burnt almonds covered with sugar in vanilla, sesame, cinnamon) while walking down the streets of the city center. Although the streets sides are covered with thick layer of snow and the temperature has fallen down to -11 degree but the town center was packed with people. No snow can't stop those who want to paint the town in the season of joy. On my way back home I bought some Lucekatte - Saffron buns and we had it with some warm Glögg and nuts.

I believe you will see snow and more snow in my future posts. I wore this outfit few days ago. Here I paired up grey sweatshirt with a plaid skirt. As you might already know I love to pair up sporty and girly. Adding white and silver necklace seems like a wise decision, it injects life to the whole look instantaneously.

Tip - A grey sweatshirt pairs up very well with all colors, with
pants and skirts thus I would recommend it as a must have for every wardrobe.

Sweatshirt & Skirt - Gina Tricot
Necklace - H&M
Coat - Zara


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