Friday, December 21, 2012

"After a Break"

So sorry about the lack of updates these past days. As much fun it is working with tight finance deadlines during year end, it can be super exhausting. Last week after all the hard work I took a break from everything.

Here's a quickie! An outfit post from a weekend well spent playing in the snow. Though Stockholm is freezing numb to step outside, with woolen socks, ears tucked into scarves and double lining gloves being lifesavers, yet it has been very cozy past few weeks with thick layers of snow and sub-zeros temps bestowing an opportunity to indulge in hot drinks and restore my baking routines.

So, stay tuned for the some cozy snaps and baking recipes in the coming weeks!

Biker jacket - Zara
Oversized Sweater & Pyjama Trousers - Mango
Boots - Dinsko

Have a great Weekend!


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