Friday, November 9, 2012

One Fine Morning!


Hustling off to work one morning on a cold breezy autumn day, longing desperately for a steaming cup of coffee it struck my mind that its the little things in life that make us happy like fresh flowers, chocolate cake, falling in love, seeing your family after a long time, hugging your loved ones, laughing till tears flow down your cheeks and you clap your hands like a retarded seal, listening to your favorite song over and over again, pleasant surprises, crying of happiness, looking at a breathtaking scenery, having good times with your friends.

The mantra is to find beauty in small things, to not to limit yourself, to make your passion a priority, to focus your energy on good.

So, the next time you drink coffee or tea, take in the smell and the flavor. When you breathe, feel the air enter your lungs :-)

I prioritize and live my passion through my fashion blog, trust me this makes me very happy, really!

Fashion Tip for the day - Add a bright popping color shoe, bag or accessory to your dark colored outfit and transform it instantly from dull and boring to chic and stylish.

Black Trouser, Grey jersey top - ZARA
Red Ballerinas - MANGO
Peace necklace - Glitter

Stay happy & blessed my lovelies!



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  1. Love your top & heels <3 <3 Nice outfit!!!


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