Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Skirt & Sweat!

Remember this dalmatian sweatshirt from one of my earliest posts? Its lovely, isn't it! Don't worry this post isn't about my perpetual exhibition of love for this sweatshirt ;) I actually have a styling tip for all you who c
an associate a sweatshirt only with a pair of jeans. Forget it!

As per the little birdie who snoops the latest trends for me, you can pair up a up sporty sweatshirt with a pencil knee length skirt for perfect street style ensemble. The length of the skirt I am wearing is perfect for cold season. I like this one for its embossed texture which differentiates it from a dull plain black skirt.

Have fun experimenting and do share the experience!

Textured black Skirt - H&M
Dalmatian Sweatshirt - Next
Jacket - G-Star


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