Sunday, October 7, 2012



No I wasn't out for a Peace event with my white outfit. However something was very serene about the day so I decided to wear some contrast to the colorful bright yellow, mustard, red autumn leaves outside.

White is such a powerful
, versatile color that it just lights up any color paired with it. I love my White legging, I can wear them with every jumper in my wardrobe. If you don't have it yet, go get one! The studded white shirt is my favorite too. Well, I say that for almost everything isn't it ;)? As I said in 'about me' I call fashion a 'wearable art' and I love everything about it.

This time I've also tried to do my hair different with asymmetrical wrap around plait. Hope you like it! Its quite simple but if you want me to do a DIY video for you, just shout it here.

White leggings & Studded collar shirt - ZARA
Red and White woven jumper & Clutch - MANGO

Enjoy the look, get inspired and keep commenting!

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  1. stud are very much in fashion.. zara shirt is just awesome. i like the layer look..its going perfect with this shirt n nice hair do :)


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