Friday, October 26, 2012

‎'Hand Knitted with Love'

Me and my bro grew up wearing sweaters that our Mum knitted for us. She still does for me! Every year when I travel back home during winter I get one like a Christmas present :-) 

Back home I still possess my Mum's hand crafted treasure, somehow I never want to share or give them away. Thinking about those sweaters takes me back to the times when my juvenile brain believed Sweater were made by Moms only. To me there was no such concept of buying woolens from market.

My Mum used to knit for hours and hours at a stretch and every time she got back-ache she was thoroughly determined to quit. That determination used to last only till she laid eyes on a beautiful sweater/cardigan in the latest magazine. The next day she was in the store buying pink, blue, green, textured, thick, thin wool. What I still wonder and admire the most is that how could she knit so fast while watching TV or chatting with her friends. Hats off to that!

I've learnt knitting from my Mum and my first Objet d'art was a blue and red lilliput sweater for my Barbie. To me my Mum is an Artist who not only knitted woolens but also love, care and values with those ingenious pieces which I still cherish.

Apparently I have narrated the whole story without mentioning the context ;) I guess that happens often when you talk about something very close to your heart.

The sweater I am wearing in the #OOTD (outfit of the day) photo is from ZARA knit. It comfortable, warm and the knitting texture always reminds me of my Mum's vintage sweater collection. I have combined a silver necklace with the black to pep it up for a lively day.

Red Jeans - Mango
Grey and Black Purse - Guess
Buckled Boots - Dinsko

Share your story if this strikes some nostalgic chord in you?



  1. looking for my sweaters which my mum so lovingly n passionately knit for me ....thanks for this post..
    n for ur constant support :)

  2. wow great outfit ! love the sweater! Maybe we follow each other!? let me know :-) Greetings

  3. That's such a beautiful story about your mom! I love cherishing things that I get from family as well! I love the Zara sweater by the way:)



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