Saturday, October 27, 2012

A Pair and a Spare - My first DIY!

Last weekend I was on a wardrobe cleanup mission with an aspiration to prioritize winter clothing. As much as I love my wardrobe, I hate this half yearly season re-arrangement. Indubitably I was standing on toes for 3 hrs folding packing and

While doing the chore I noticed a pair of jeans I have not worn since ages. There was a moment when I wanted to discard it and in the next I had an idea for my first DIY project - A Knee Ripped Jeans which is at present making a statement in denim world.

There's something simply chic about knee ripped jeans, you need a hair dryer and Coldplay music in the background, just that and you will be banging your head to the rock.

How to get the desired knee ripped jeans is demonstrated in the photo. All you need is a pen and a pair of scissors. A designer ripped denim can cost fortune but why to shell fortune when you can create one.

1) Put the jeans on as it makes the ripping process accurate. This way you will know exactly where rips are going to be. Decide where you want the rips to be. This is important as some people might like rips on the knee cap. I wanted them on the upper part of the knee so I marked it accordingly in the horizontal direction.

3) For a worn look, sand the area you are going to cut with rough sandpaper. I chose to go for a clean cut thus avoided the sandpaper. Fold one leg of the jeans vertically in half aligning the side seams so you don't cut through to the other side of the leg. Cut half way through to the seam alignment. Repeat the process for the other leg too.

4) Your totally chic jeans is ready. Use end of your scissors or knife or a seam ripper to fray from the cuts, if you will.

PS - Each rip will increase in size as you wear your jeans. Don't get too carried away with the cut if you want a more subtle ripped look.

Moral of the story - recycle your clothes, Go Green! :) Far from being discarded, this jeans is now a possible Outfit choice for 'Rahet Fateh Ali Khan Event' tomorrow evening. Give me suggestions what kind of top should I combine with it?



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