Saturday, October 27, 2012

A Pair and a Spare - My first DIY!

Last weekend I was on a wardrobe cleanup mission with an aspiration to prioritize winter clothing. As much as I love my wardrobe, I hate this half yearly season re-arrangement. Indubitably I was standing on toes for 3 hrs folding packing and

While doing the chore I noticed a pair of jeans I have not worn since ages. There was a moment when I wanted to discard it and in the next I had an idea for my first DIY project - A Knee Ripped Jeans which is at present making a statement in denim world.

There's something simply chic about knee ripped jeans, you need a hair dryer and Coldplay music in the background, just that and you will be banging your head to the rock.

How to get the desired knee ripped jeans is demonstrated in the photo. All you need is a pen and a pair of scissors. A designer ripped denim can cost fortune but why to shell fortune when you can create one.

1) Put the jeans on as it makes the ripping process accurate. This way you will know exactly where rips are going to be. Decide where you want the rips to be. This is important as some people might like rips on the knee cap. I wanted them on the upper part of the knee so I marked it accordingly in the horizontal direction.

3) For a worn look, sand the area you are going to cut with rough sandpaper. I chose to go for a clean cut thus avoided the sandpaper. Fold one leg of the jeans vertically in half aligning the side seams so you don't cut through to the other side of the leg. Cut half way through to the seam alignment. Repeat the process for the other leg too.

4) Your totally chic jeans is ready. Use end of your scissors or knife or a seam ripper to fray from the cuts, if you will.

PS - Each rip will increase in size as you wear your jeans. Don't get too carried away with the cut if you want a more subtle ripped look.

Moral of the story - recycle your clothes, Go Green! :) Far from being discarded, this jeans is now a possible Outfit choice for 'Rahet Fateh Ali Khan Event' tomorrow evening. Give me suggestions what kind of top should I combine with it?


Friday, October 26, 2012

‎'Hand Knitted with Love'

Me and my bro grew up wearing sweaters that our Mum knitted for us. She still does for me! Every year when I travel back home during winter I get one like a Christmas present :-) 

Back home I still possess my Mum's hand crafted treasure, somehow I never want to share or give them away. Thinking about those sweaters takes me back to the times when my juvenile brain believed Sweater were made by Moms only. To me there was no such concept of buying woolens from market.

My Mum used to knit for hours and hours at a stretch and every time she got back-ache she was thoroughly determined to quit. That determination used to last only till she laid eyes on a beautiful sweater/cardigan in the latest magazine. The next day she was in the store buying pink, blue, green, textured, thick, thin wool. What I still wonder and admire the most is that how could she knit so fast while watching TV or chatting with her friends. Hats off to that!

I've learnt knitting from my Mum and my first Objet d'art was a blue and red lilliput sweater for my Barbie. To me my Mum is an Artist who not only knitted woolens but also love, care and values with those ingenious pieces which I still cherish.

Apparently I have narrated the whole story without mentioning the context ;) I guess that happens often when you talk about something very close to your heart.

The sweater I am wearing in the #OOTD (outfit of the day) photo is from ZARA knit. It comfortable, warm and the knitting texture always reminds me of my Mum's vintage sweater collection. I have combined a silver necklace with the black to pep it up for a lively day.

Red Jeans - Mango
Grey and Black Purse - Guess
Buckled Boots - Dinsko

Share your story if this strikes some nostalgic chord in you?


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Ta Tadaaaa here comes the First Ever Giveaway..


Its been over a month since I started blogging. This has been so much fun - building the blog, researching on trends, learning about photography. I am overwhelmed to have 65 Likes on F
B and more than 2000 hits on the blog. I love the each and every Comment, LIKE from you amazing people. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

I am pleased to host the first every giveaway here, with many more to come. The Giveaway is a uber cool White Fold-Over Clutch from ASOS worh $49.99 with a metallic handle from a very renowned american brand. White is all season & universal color which looks good with any and every outfit. The brand name will be announced with the winner announcement.

The giveaway is International and open to Public. The last to participate is 2nd November. You just have to follow the simple steps below to qualify for the giveaway.

1. Follow the blog.

2. Leave a comment on this post.

It's as simple as it can get.
Snatch the clutch away now! Good luck :-)


Folks - The Giveaway is closed now and the winner is Geetika Kaur Walia Tulsi, one of our Facebook follower. CONGRATULATIONS GEETIKA!
Watch out for the next one :-)


Saturday, October 20, 2012

Thursday, October 18, 2012

My Latest Zara Wishlist!

Hey Fellas,

Sharing my ultimate latest Zara wishlist!
If we share the same choice, follow the links to shop online

Eagle Sweatshirt
Studded Tiger Clutch
Leather Skirt
Wide Heel Ankle Boot

Happy Shopping!


Look Of The Day - "Bedazzled Star"


Here I am abandoning my hectic day and doing what I love the most. I am absolutely thrilled to present my 'Bedazzled Star' that's the name I gave to my brand new olive jumper. The perfect jumper is perfectly styled and perfectly warm for a perfect cold weather. Its so perfect that I have worn it almost once every week since its arrival. That is indeed a colossal hitch, I land into every time I find the perfect outfit. I start wearing it in a non stop loop and poor thing, the last favorite completely slips out.

This is something I am working on... umm may be since forever now. Habits die hard, isn't it!

You can pair up the jumper with statement jumper with skinny jeans or leggings, just add a sleek tote for a modern street style look.
Olive Jumper - Mango
Snake Bracelet - Glitter
Grey messenger bag - Glitter
Skinny Jeans - JC

Happy Thursday!


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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Blissful Autumn Leaves......

Gosh! What a hectic week it has been. Well I can't complain, its almost year end. All my friends in financial sectors would appreciate the significance of an year end. The gone week I didn't sleep for more than 4 hrs any night. Thank god its over. Though this won't get any better until December yet I am happy its Autumn :) The moment I step outside my office, the beautiful blush-bursting autumn with its delightful colors all around fills up my heart with liveliness. The brown, mustard, olive colors are brimming with warmth and romance. Stockholm is most picturesque in autumn. No one could have described the feeling better than Albert Camus who says “Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.”

Enjoy the season and an autumn look from my wardrobe!

Autumn Tip - Before the snow hit you place wear as many short skirts as possible, with a legging though :)

Navy blue collarless Coat - Zara
T-shirt with stone - Mango
White Skirt - Zara
Snake skin clutch - H&M
Bracelet - JC


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Skirt & Sweat!

Remember this dalmatian sweatshirt from one of my earliest posts? Its lovely, isn't it! Don't worry this post isn't about my perpetual exhibition of love for this sweatshirt ;) I actually have a styling tip for all you who c
an associate a sweatshirt only with a pair of jeans. Forget it!

As per the little birdie who snoops the latest trends for me, you can pair up a up sporty sweatshirt with a pencil knee length skirt for perfect street style ensemble. The length of the skirt I am wearing is perfect for cold season. I like this one for its embossed texture which differentiates it from a dull plain black skirt.

Have fun experimenting and do share the experience!

Textured black Skirt - H&M
Dalmatian Sweatshirt - Next
Jacket - G-Star


Sunday, October 7, 2012



No I wasn't out for a Peace event with my white outfit. However something was very serene about the day so I decided to wear some contrast to the colorful bright yellow, mustard, red autumn leaves outside.

White is such a powerful
, versatile color that it just lights up any color paired with it. I love my White legging, I can wear them with every jumper in my wardrobe. If you don't have it yet, go get one! The studded white shirt is my favorite too. Well, I say that for almost everything isn't it ;)? As I said in 'about me' I call fashion a 'wearable art' and I love everything about it.

This time I've also tried to do my hair different with asymmetrical wrap around plait. Hope you like it! Its quite simple but if you want me to do a DIY video for you, just shout it here.

White leggings & Studded collar shirt - ZARA
Red and White woven jumper & Clutch - MANGO

Enjoy the look, get inspired and keep commenting!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Look of the day - The Leather Obsession!


Did you know I have a twin ;)

Jokes apart, Leather has always been symbolic for chic and fashion forward wardrobes and this season it has become a part of mine too. My precious is a burgundy faux leather skirt and I am totally in love with it. I wore this look last weekend for my much awaited birthday party. It was so much fun with friends, we danced our hearts out after having special b'day shots.

I paired the skirt with a cute black floral top with peter pan leather collars to get a lady like dainty look. If you want a sporty look try it with a sweatshirt.

Skirt & Top - H&M
Brown Messenger Bag - Zara
Boots - Wedins