Thursday, September 20, 2012

Ma Birthday Post

I had a brilliant birthday yesterday. Took the day off from work, woke up just before noon, wore my favorite dress, had a fancy dinner at a water front restaurant close to the city. It couldn't have been better.
In the evening I was totally baffled on what to wear for dinner and after a round of trials I decided to go for a blingy greyish boucle like textured dress.

It was a cold day yesterday thus I slipped into a nice fitted black trenchcoat and ankled boots, all set for a delectable evening. The Italian restaurant was cozy with vintage earthy decor and fragrance of fresh baked herb and garlic bread was heavenly. The water front was so stunning that just at a glance I knew I want to have some photos there. Enjoy the scenic Stockholm and my birthday styling.

Grey silver textured dress is from Zara.
Black trenchcoat is from Mango
Bracelet from Lindex
Silver stoned bangles from a small traditional shop in Chandni Chowk, Delhi (from my last trip)a


  1. nice photographs, liked the bag and hand accessories most.little one piece dress with long coat is very good idea.. keep posting .. try some headgear too :)

  2. Beautiful outfit. I wish I could rock that dress the way you do & I must get my hands on those fabulous boots.


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