Sunday, September 30, 2012

Peach and Stripes

Before I moved to Sweden, being an Asian I was so accustomed to the hurly-burly, door bell ringing twenty times a day, people dropping just to greet you, that this peaceful noiseless country was a monumental cultural shock to me.

Looking at the brighter side, after experiencing the numbing winter and everlasting gloomy clouds, I started appreciating sun, flowers, colors more than ever. The short summer we experience now is nothing less than being in heaven. Talking about colors, last summer introduced me to the wonderful peach color and ever since I am a fan. So, this summer I bought this peach pant and before we transpose into the Eskimo dressing mode, I want to make the best out of it.

Friday morning for work, I teamed up my peach pants with a striped Tee (which is an absolute must have for every wardrobe, makes life so easy), and a black hosiery coat.
I hope you like the look of the day. Do you?

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Street style Chambray

As promised to my dear friend, here is a post on how can you wear a chambray shirt other than with a skirt or a trouser. My favorite and the one I am sharing with you all is to wear it like an Overshirt!

You can rock this street style casual look with any top and a skinny jeans or like a jacket with a contrast colored dress. Because Chambray is so neutral, its perfect to team it up with bright colors or pattern mix. Add accessories a like belt to blend the different pieces together. Or keep it classic with black or white jeans. In fall/winter add a scarf.

For those who have not heard about Chambray, it is a fabric which looks like denim but feels like linen. 
Its glossy, lightweight & comfortable which makes it fascinating. 

Tell me how you think about the looks?

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Look of the day - TRIBAL fashion

I am head over heels in love with this vibrant patterned skirt from H&M tribal collection. The popping out colors just make me so happy every time I see it. I wore it for a birthday party last night and decided to include it in today's post.
Playing with colors can be fun however if you're anxious of making bold statements, the trick is to combine your colorful item with a solid color which should not necessarily be neutral black, white or grey.

Metallic Top - Mango
Pointed toe shoes - Wedins

Friday, September 21, 2012

Real "Stud"

My first gold studded clutch. This little black beauty is one of my favorite little thing lately. Spikes & Studs is the most popular trend in this season. Gold and black is totally my kind of thing and studs on top just make is so tempting. Trust me the photo doesn't do justice to this sweet little thing. I will soon do an outfit post with the clutch. Keep an eye out for it!

You can buy these here, just follow the link

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Ma Birthday Post

I had a brilliant birthday yesterday. Took the day off from work, woke up just before noon, wore my favorite dress, had a fancy dinner at a water front restaurant close to the city. It couldn't have been better.
In the evening I was totally baffled on what to wear for dinner and after a round of trials I decided to go for a blingy greyish boucle like textured dress.

It was a cold day yesterday thus I slipped into a nice fitted black trenchcoat and ankled boots, all set for a delectable evening. The Italian restaurant was cozy with vintage earthy decor and fragrance of fresh baked herb and garlic bread was heavenly. The water front was so stunning that just at a glance I knew I want to have some photos there. Enjoy the scenic Stockholm and my birthday styling.

Grey silver textured dress is from Zara.
Black trenchcoat is from Mango
Bracelet from Lindex
Silver stoned bangles from a small traditional shop in Chandni Chowk, Delhi (from my last trip)a

Monday, September 17, 2012

Look of the day - Vintage blossomy dress

Its no secret that I have a few floral print dresses in my wardrobe but the question is how to incorporate them into my autumn dressing. Thus, today I decided to team up a turquoise floral dress with a black open knit cardigan and a waist belt across. When I wear a colorful dress the last thing I want to do is hide it under a coat. Cardigans and Knitted Jumpers are my best friends in Fall.

Trick - I chose slim belt to make my waistline look small and in black to blend in with the cardigan without drawing too much attention on the waist.

Turquoise Floral Dress is from NEXT
Wedges from Dinsko
Open knit Cardigans are quite common. You can buy them at H&M or Mango

Friday, September 14, 2012

Look of the Day - Chambray shirt

Chambray shirt can most of the time save you from the too sweet very girly aura while making you look effortlessly chic.

Print clash is no more only for unconventionals

The other day I was discussing trends with my friends while they pointed out how intimidating wearing a print clash can be. Just then I knew I have to do a post on it. If you too fear wearing a print clash then this post is just for you.
An unexpected befitting mix of print and colors can make you look ubercool. Its actually a runway trend which can be c

reated right at home. You just need to step out of your comfort zone.
The trick to pull off a print clash is to keep a common tone in whatever you wear, white and black color is the obvious common in my photo. You can go for a common print like polka dots in different colors on different pieces. Play with colors, shapes and lines to create a kaleidoscopic world of prints and look fabulous. Tell me what you think about it. Do share photos if you get inspired

Laid-back weekend winner

Do you want to dress up to chic on a weekend? I don’t.
From Friday eve sets in the laid-back mood and all I want to do for the next couple of days is nothing. Catalogues may push dressing up, but most of us aren't going to be trading in our worn in jeans or khakis for chic and fitted dresses. The trick to keep from looking sloppy on a weekend is to stay casual. 
My lazy

comfy look for the chilly weekend we just had in Stockholm was a bright mustard knitted jumper with a gray pyjama style trouser. This easy and sporty look is perfect for both the day and coffee evening out. The look will see you through chilly days in style. 

Burgundy is the new Black!

Can you have enough black in your wardrobe? The hottest color palette for this fall is Burgundy. This bold shade can be seen everywhere on runway. I'm excited as this will add some color to the otherwise dull bla
ck & grey winter wardrobe.

The rich deep wine shade is very feminine and looks gorgeous on both dark and light skin tones. Burgundy dresses, burgundy leather jackets/vests, burgundy shoes, burgundy bags, burgundy nails, burgundy makeup, it sure is the new black.

The stunning knitted burgundy jumper in the photo is from H&M costs $22, value for money isn't it? Its worn with a beaded collar.
Collars over any knit is a great idea to give that extra edge to your styling. Didn't get a chance to wear the look yet, will share photos when I do :)

Work it 9-5!

Today has been one of those days when you could hardly squeeze in a coffee break in your calendar and your day seems to be gone just with a blink of an eye.
However ineffably surprising, this morning was unlike my usual clueles

s mornings, today I woke up knowing what to wear to work. I trust all the girl would comprehend the morning dilemma I refer to.
Since autumn is approaching this side of the world rapidly, I want to make the most out of my dresses and sheer leggings. Thus, I decided to slip into a full sleeve dress with lacy bottom in a shiny steel grey color with my perfect for autumn ankle boots.

Lacy dress from Zara -;
Ankle boots - 'Put feet first' :D

Today I don't feel like doing anything

Today I don't feel like doing anything
I just wanna lay in my bed
Don't feel like picking up my phone
So leave a message at the tone
'Cause today I swear I'm not doing anything.... nothing at all!

Nothing better can than this song express how I felt the entire day today thus while going out I decided to go for a "take it easy" look.

Nothing can be more comfy than wearing your favorite Sweat and Jeans? What makes this sweatshirt from NEXT so special is the cute Dalmatian dog emboss print. I simply love it! Dalmatian undoubtedly is the cutest breed of dog, isn't it? The jeans is a comfy Kristen zipper from

Military Fashion!

My personal favorite is a camo print shirt with golden studded front pockets from ZARA however it has been out of stock ever since I've laid my eyes on it which justifies the shirt not being my favorite only.

Pair this up with a legging/skirt OR wear it as an Overshirt over a one tone black or whilte dress and you're ready to display some girl power.

Photo courtesy ZARA. Official

A Look direct from my Closet

A Look direct from my Closet - Classic black & white can NEVER go wrong! Topping it up with gold here and there takes you a notch higher.

Stand out with à camouflage..

There is no pun intended in the above expression. This is a trend enthralling us directly from NY runway. Military print inspired jackets, shirts, jeans, bags & shoes are out on the streets with absolutely no 
intention to hide you in the surroundings.

Khaki pants, Camo Jackets, this fall is not only about male like silhouettes, even dainty lady like dresses in army green and black, with bold detailing breast pockets and big gold buttons are making a huge style statement.

Wear the powerful clothing with subtle feminine details like red lips, a sleek waist belt, colored nails, tiny jewelry and a small clutches.

Olive Green, Mustard, Black and Blue make a perfect military color palette.

RUFFLE POWER - PEPLUMS continue to rule the trend!

If you didn't notice enough Peplum in Spring/Summer'12 then Fall'12 won't let it pass by you easily so if you haven't tried it yet. Lay your hands on it now! 

Some of you might be wonde

ring what is Peplum - It is a short flared, gathered, or pleated strip of fabric attached at the waist of a woman's jacket, dress, or blouse.

Here's an advise that I picked up from a fellow fashion blogger which I think is worth sharing: "Peplums come in all kinds of silhouettes. There are various shapes and sizes, like frilly and ruffled or stiff and architectural. Some peplums are so small they’re barely noticeable, while others are the only thing that anyone will notice. And, in theory, there is a peplum style that will look great on you, by camouflaging your fat tush or balancing out your top-heaviness. The trick is to find the right type of peplum that flares out in just the right spot (where you’re the skinniest) and ends at just the right spot (so you’re not drawing attention to your least favorite area)."

I have to admit at first I was not a big fan of Peplum. I thought it is kind of silly looking sillhouette however after trying the studded black top (in the photo) from Mango I was completely bowled over.

Zara also has a great collection of leather, stoned and embroidered peplum tops. However be prepared to see them out of stock as they're sold out like hot cakes.

Flat doesn't always have to mean unstylish!

With 60's thrown back, Comfortable and Classic Loafers are certainly the smoking hot trend in this Fall. Be it patent leather, studded, animal print, velour all of them are drop dead gorgeous. Pa

ir them with a dress or shorts/jeans and an over sized jumper. 

Zara has an Awe-ssum collection of loafers but since studded have been out of stock owing its popularity, I have settled myself for the shiny comfy patent leather lovelies. 

Top right studded loafer can be bought at; Photo courtesy ZARA
Bottom left is my Patent leather shiny loafer from VAGABOND. Official website